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“Silence is the only space where the spirit spreads its wings”, said Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. However, how do you achieve silence in a daily life filled with fast revolutions and high decibels? The answer comes from the largest manufacturer of sound insulation and acoustic solutions in our country - DECIBEL.

The company is a family owned and managed by Tsvetan and Diana Nedkovi. It was founded in 2012 in Sofia, and in 2014 they opened their own factory in Botevgrad. On an area of over 2000 square meters, more than 3500 sound insulation and acoustic products are produced there, with wide application both in the industrial and residential sectors and in clubs and restaurants, offices, sports and educational halls, health centers and many others. The products are exported to over 50 countries on 3 continents.

DECIBEL has an invaluable assistant - the robot “Zhelyazko”, as Tsvetan and Diana named it. It was designed specifically for the company to manufacture their iconic noise isolation system MUTE.

Innovation and the pursuit of perfection are an integral part of the philosophy of DECIBEL. Tsvetan Nedkov is a civil engineer, but at the start of the business he began studying acoustics and defended a dissertation thesis at the Technical University in Sofia city on the topic “Development of methods and algorithms for researching acoustic properties of materials for lining studios and concert halls”.

In 2022, the latest development of DECIBEL was patented - the first in the world 100% ecological, non-combustible and biodegradable heat and noise insulation material that enriches the soil, if it is disposed in it. The raw material from which the panel is produced is the mineral Obsidian. It is affordable, organic and renewable.

The family of entrepreneurs also plans to build a new factory, especially for the new product. And a partner in the development of their ambitions is the Capital Investment Fund, which supports them in realizing every dream.

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